American Songwriter:
"...a sleek, modern sound that’s still tinged with nostalgia."

No Country For New Nashville:
“ 'For Granted' is an arresting take on relationship dynamics with self-aware lyrics, emotive vocals, and pristine pop production."

Impose Magazine: 
"We're getting the most out of our lives by enjoying music like this"
"Powerlines" showcases Jordan's beautifully airy yet penetrating vocals, as we as her captivating songwriting. It's full authenticity that can be felt throughout the song"

Cougar Microbes:

 "...Zoe Sky Jordan quite simply blows us away..."

Ride The Tempo:
"Beneath Zoe Sky Jordan's feathery light voice lies a depth of lyrical substance" 

Sweet, pure melodies sung by this vocalist soar overtop of simple rock instrumentals, reminding me a little of nascent Sarah Harmer, The super chill vibe and sultry murmur of these pop tunes will have you nodding your head as your sip your craft beer